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My Messy Car

I have a dilemma: I really don’t want to clean out my car, but it’s going in for a service and I don’t want the mechanics to judge me. Tough one, right? Cleaning out your car is just the absolute worst task there is. You don’t have access to a convenient bin, the vacuum cleaner cord doesn’t reach that far, and you have to scramble around inside that tiny space containing who-knows-what. I just toss everything in there; clothes, shoes, old takeaway containers, and I KNOW it’s a bad habit but I’ve conditioned myself to see my back seat like a black hole. Just toss something in there and you never have to worry about it every again.

So…passengers are an awkward prospect, every time. And now I have to get my car serviced, so the plot thickens. It’s a new place for car servicing in the Hawthorn area; or at least, I haven’t been there. Maybe I could lessen this problem if I went to a different mechanic every time, but then they’d talk about me. I’d pull up to whispers, people chattering about how it’s that one person with the back seat like a rubbish dump in the ocean. Also a front passenger seat like a trash heap in the city. And the foot area of my driver’s seat is…well, that could use a bit of a clear out as well, is what I’m saying. There’s just enough space to reach the pedals, and I’m like 80% sure that if a policeman looked inside, they’d only be disgusted and wouldn’t tell me that it’s unsafe to drive. Like…75%. maybe. 70. Looking in now, I’m going to give myself a healthy 65%.

Alright, this needs professional help. I won’t be the dreaded harbinger of grossness, known and feared by all reliable mechanics. South Yarra┬áis a classy suburb, and there are expectations on behaviour. I guess I could just buy an extension lead for the vacuum cleaner…


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