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Nowadays You Have to be ‘Careful’…

The world is now a very safe place. That’s nice and all, but it does make things a lot less interesting than they used to be. Imagine the fun and chaos of the 1920s, when everyone was driving open-top cars with no seatbelts. What hilarity! Fire exits basically didn’t exist, mankind had only just learned about the importance of lifeboats…which, to be fair, was a positive change. Sometimes danger just stops being fun and turns into a tragedy.

Still, the world is just a big old ball of cotton wool now. All safety rails and hand sanitiser, because we can’t have the kids inhaling a single germ lest they fall terribly ill.

I don’t know, maybe it’s an overall improvement. Like, it would’ve sucked to be a glazier back in the day. Imagine being a residential glazing professional back in the 1920s, and every time you carried a pane of glass anywhere there was a chance that someone was going to plow right through it with their out-of-control antique automobile. That happens all the time in the movies, so it must’ve come from nowhere. And all those massive skyscrapers? Glaziers had to put in all of this stuff, and they had to do it while dangling from incredibly dangerous wires. Work safety as in its infancy, life was cheap and no one had thought of forming a union, so if you fell off and hit the pavement, the best you’d get was a nice funeral. And this was before glass balustrading became popular. Imagine the injury toll if people were wanting that stuff all the time.

That’s how humanity operates, to be honest. Trial and error, with some folks being the canaries in the coal mine to make everyone else safer. You’d hope this stuff would come up before there are accidents, but…people want their glass. They want their sweeping glass balustrading professionals. At least now, they also want protection from workplace accidents by a solid and efficient worker’s union.


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