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Unlimited Energy…Inside a Calculator

Man, TV used to be so much better than it is now, especially for kids. I know it’s kinda cliche, but I AM a nineties kid, and things were great back in the day. I recently heard a guy playing one of those public pianos they have set up around Melbourne, and he was playing the digi-evolution theme to the original ‘Digi-Monday’. That amazing cartoon was about a group of kids who went to a fantastical world inside their scientific calculators every single Monday, because that was the only way they could escape their advanced maths class. Also, to save the world.

As I remember the ending was pretty optimistic, with everyone on earth travelling to the digital world and living there happily with no wars or energy crisis. And fifteen or so years later, we still can’t get enough industrial solar power adopted by companies in our country. What’s wrong with us, that we’ll so readily toss aside something that’ll solve all of our problems?

It’s like if we were to discover the cure for all illness and we as a human race just say ‘nope, too much effort’. Not that I’m blaming solar panel companies, or anything. If they didn’t exist, no one would be getting the benefit of this energy saving technology at all. But if Digi-Monday taught me anything, alongside all of those great Saturday morning cartoons, then we have to take a stand for what we believe in. If we think there’s a chance to save the world, we don’t back down, and we never give up!

That was Rai’s speech from the final episode, where they finally decided to conquer their fear and defeat Syncostanmon, the culmination of mathematical nightmares. We COULD do the same with widespread commercial solar across Australia, but I’d need to gather a stalwart group of nineties kids. It does sound like a lot of effort.


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