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A Nice Family Outing to the Suburbs

You know, I’m thinking it’s time to take the family out for an outing. We don’t really go out much, but it’s been so cloudy recently that I really don’t see why we shouldn’t. Lots of cloud, lots of rain…and we have a whole new city that we haven’t really seen much of yet. It’s really no use just bouncing back and forth between houses if we never really SEE Melbourne!

Also, we need some materials for the garden, so we can kill a couple of birds with one stone. Just because we’re fabulously wealthy doesn’t mean I’m averse to doing things myself! And speaking of stones, I hear there’s a place that does the best¬†crushed rock Cranbourne¬†residents use on their garden paths. I don’t know exactly where Cranbourne is, but one of my business contacts mentioned that it’s an option if we needed some paving stones, or crushed rock, or aggregate. It’s true, the garden is in a bit of a state at the moment. As I’ve mentioned, we really don’t go outside a great deal, so the grounds of the castle-mansion have been neglected while we sort everything out. Well, it’s the weekend soon…time to so something about that.

Oh, you know, one thing I always wanted back in Transylvania was one of those pebble flowerbeds. I just think they have a lovely aesthetic, and they go so nicely with a crushed rock driveway. Still, I was held back by it not being the style of the era or the area, plus the grounds we had back home were a little bit more…subdued. You might even say they were dour, to some extent, but all the dead trees helped to deter intruders.

That settles it then: a weekend looking for pebbles in Cranbourne. Building supplies as well; we have quite a substantial shed that is currently quite bare.

-Ivanov Maxim Payler-Alucard

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