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A Nice, Sensible Topknot for Everyone

The young folks of the family just don’t have any respect for their elders any more. I know things used to be different, because I was never this disruptive as a youth! I never used my training to sneak out of the family home on the weekend to go and party with friends, or to go to the cinematic place of films. I ALWAYS bowed when I saw my superiors in the hallway, unlike the kids of today who are just looking at their phones. It’s a wonder that anyone can see where they’re going.

And the hair…goodness, the hair. New, modern styles that i just think are wholly unnecessary. What’s wrong with a practical topknot? You can’t go wrong with a topknot, and they suit absolutely everyone. And yet, they’ve all found this hair salon in David Jones – that’s a sort of marketplace, for anyone reading this in the annals- and they’re all obsessed with dyeing their hair odd colours and getting strange styles. Of course, my professional, sage opinion on the matter is that neon pink is not appropriate for teenagers training to be professionals, and neither are strange braids. They’re bound to get caught on something, and someone is going to see you with all those silly colours.

No, I do NOT think that it’s okay to let it go because they’re only children. When I was a lad, I couldn’t do whatever I wanted with my hair, and neither did I want to. I obeyed my elders and tried to act just like them in everything I did. Well, except for the usual foolish youngster things…and there weren’t many. Like the time we spiked my brothers tea with a bit of tomato juice to make him cry. And I suppose I did cut off my top knot, ONCE, when I had an argument with my parents, but…I was very sorry…

Personally, I blame the hair salons, Melbourne has far too many of them who are willing to style hair in crazy ways. Their posters put strange ideas into the children’s’ heads. All stylish and unique, staring at you as you walk past. Makes one not want to leave the family home at all.


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