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After Breakfast Comes the Aggregate

I’ve tried basically all the breakfasts that exist in the world by this point, and I have to say that my favourite is kipper. Nice bit of smoked kipper, maybe with some chunky chips on the side. Mm, yes indeed. Just that punch of flavor mixed with the special sauce I found in the Indian food isle…perfection. Took me almost a year, but I’ve worked through every type of breakfast, at least all the ones that could conceivably be made in Australia, and kipper is the best.

Great! Tick that one off the retirement list. Which is going great by the way. Next stop, I’m taking a trip down to Berwick. Crushed rock isn’t going to buy itself. Now that I’m not working and I have enough time on my hands, I’m thinking of doing a little bit of amateur landscaping. Well, I am this week; next week it’s origami, and after that I’d like to try my hand at joinery. I’m working my way through hobbies every single week until I find something I’m surprisingly good at. I had no time to find my hidden talents while I was still working, but now that I’m out and free as a bird…it’s landscaping time. I’m learning all about the words and phrases, too. Hadn’t the foggiest idea what aggregate was before today, but now I’m going to buy some of it. Also, pebbles. You can just buy pebbles. That’s really all there is to it: you go and buy some pebbles, put them in your garden and you’re away, just like that. Going to have to get a lot of this stuff delivered, along with all my garden supplies…not quite as young as I used to be. I’m betting origami will be easier on the knees, but just over there in Berwick, aggregate is selling like hotcakes. I’m retired now; no need to have an unfashionable driveway.

And then, I’ll find my favourite kind of entertainment by sampling each and every one. They say anime is a young man’s game, but I won’t know until I try.


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