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Landscaping, but it’s…Inside

It’s true, you don’t see indoor landscaping very often. You’d be truly shocked by how few people have an indoor garden. I like to think it’s a mammoth trend that’ll soon be taking off, and it’d be really great if it took off in the next…ooh, five hours or so? That’s how long it’ll take before my housemate gets back from work and sees that I turned the kitchen/diner area into a garden. A beautiful garden.

In my defence, I did this in my sleep, and that sounds like a lie but it’s actually not. Nathan knows that  sleepwalk, and he also knows that I’ve been taking a night class in landscape gardening. Combine that with the fact that I always dream about what I’ve been doing in the evening and honestly, this was bound to happen.

The confusing part is where I got all the pebbles and crushed rock. Berwick landscapers are all about the crushed rock. I’m surprised that I was able to get there in my sleep, buy a bunch of pebbles and driveway toppings and come back to get all of these wonderful landscaping done. Places that sell garden supplies usually have normal business hours, right? Some might be open a bit later, but I don’t remember going to bed before nine, and I would’ve had to call them and have the stuff delivered, and how lucid was I when making that order? I’m gonna have to check my bank balance, find the place where I got all these garden supplies and crushed rock and give them another call, maybe suss all this out. I mean…what else could I be doing? What if I wake up one morning and I’m the major shareholder in an aggregate company? Or, like…okay, so I go to bed watching classic seventies sitcom The Passion Dinghy, then I wake up to find that I’ve purchased a boat from Morocco.

Okay, looking up places to buy building supplies in Cranbourne, cleaning this up before Nathan gets back from the night shift, and…I guess planning what I do before bed more carefully. Maybe an outside lock on my bedroom door. And no technology.


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