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Still Not Getting this Exam Thing

It is I, Georgina Glass. And I have to say, I’m not all that great at exams. Like, written ones. I don’t have a bad memory most of the time, but when it comes to exams I tend to freeze up and my brain just point blank refuses to give me the info I need.

That’s why I went into cosmetics. There was kind of ‘exams’ but it’s more practical and muscle-memory related. That kind of thing I can deal with. This weekend ¬†found myself in a courtroom, because a friend from work asked me to come along for emotional support. Her boyfriend is involved in…well, i don’t think I’m allowed to say, but it’s to do with property law. Melbourne has all these different rules, you know…and all I’ve come into contact with so far has been to do with rentals, landlords, inspections, all that jazz. I’ve never lived in a place where there are compulsory inspections every six months, but at least it encourages me to keep the place tidy! The boyfriend is always complaining that I leave stuff everywhere, and sure…the dishes situation can be a little bit dire sometimes.

Not that a property lawyer would ever be involved with something as petty as that. No, it’s usually…other stuff? I’ve been to one courtroom hearing and I’m acting like I’m an expert. Most of the time I just sat there quietly like a good spectator and tried to keep up with what was being said. I mean, I do understand from when Grandad died that family dispute over property can be pretty harsh. I was only young at the time, but I’m like 90% sure that’s why Uncle Billy doesn’t talk to the rest of the family any more. That’s what happens when you’re about to get a summer home and someone else contests the will.

Anyway…I guess I admire business lawyers in the Melbourne CBD for all that stuff they’re able to memorise. Bet they all just had no problem with exams at all. Or maybe it was open book. What would I know?


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