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Some Time Alone with My Oxygen

So, like, there was this article on my Visage-Tome feed about an African village with no men. Like, it’s all women. Very interesting concept, but d’you know what would be even better? A village with no people at all. I know there isn’t room for every human to have a village all to themselves, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice. All that space, no people to deal with, and there would still be surrounding towns to do all your shopping and interact with fellow humans…if you’re into that sort of thing.

I hardly ever get any peace. The girls all just went to a day spa to celebrate Lisa getting engaged. It was one of the first places in Melbourne where hyperbaric chambers were instituted and they kind of have a name for it. I WAS really excited to go along- being sealed inside a chamber full of oxygen, all alone, reading a book with no one to talk to sounds like a dream- but the kids had their school play. While they were all getting hyperbaric treatments, I was sitting sandwiched in between proud parents, listening to a bunch of ten-year-olds warble their way through the Andy Boyd-Jebber musical, ‘Bats’. Now, I only say that because MY kids didn’t have any solo singing roles. They did great, and I enjoyed seeing that they were enjoying themselves. But I just haven’t had a day off for months, or even an evening off. It’s always SOMETHING. Sitting in an oxygen chamber sounded like exactly what the doctor ordered…and I was robbed of even that.

Maybe I just need to put my foot down. I’m finding some place in Melbourne for hyperbaric medicine and such, and spending an evening there. Lucille can lift and finger for once and take the kids for a few hours. And I won’t even have to go along with friends and natter about anything afterwards! Perfect.


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