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Not All Sporting Heroes Are On the Field

There are loads of great ways to get more involved in sport, even if you’re only a spectator and not competing. I mean…that’s how the whole process of gambling got started, I’m pretty sure. People want to feel like they’re part of the action a bit more, and just sitting by the side and cheering isn’t enough.

And yeah, gambling is…terrible. Personally I’m not a fan. But there are all sorts of ways you can help out at your local sporting club. You could be a coach, or mow the grass, be a physiotherapist, or maybe you could be one of those people who takes down the rugby nets and then puts them back up again. I know players often do that by themselves, but they don’t HAVE to. Think how grateful they’d be if someone came and did the netting for them. Have you ever tried putting up netting? It’s harder than it looks. SO many little annoying hooks and so many annoying connections. And yet, they are all necessary to make sure the netting is secure. If it’s not, then incidents have been recorded wherein a ball is kicked too hard, and a cricket ball is hit too hard (also), and some poor spectator has been smacked in the teeth. That’s the kind of thing that might drive a person to gambling, I shall admit.

And so, we can all become part of the great circle of sporting goodness. Even if you find that you want to be more involved, that indoor cricket netting is not really your thing, you could always have children and get THEM to join in with sport. That way you’ll be VERY involved, taking them to and from events, purchasing and washing equipment, giving them motivational talks when things don’t go their way or teammates are acting up and perhaps even loudly coaching from the sidelines while the actual coach says something different. I hear that’s always fun.


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