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Windows, For Added Security

Did you know that there are more kangaroos than people in the world?

That is…the world of Australia? But that’s not even the worst part. There are exponentially more termites in the world than people. And while one termite versus one person wouldn’t usually end with the victory of the termite, it’s far more than double the amount, so that’s at least three termites per person. Maybe four.

There are just so many reasons to stay at home and never go anywhere, which is why that’s most of what I tend to do. No point in leaving the house when I have everything I could ever want in here! Of course, my home is geared towards absolute security, though I am concerned with it comes to the windows. They’re the weak points. I’ve thought about removing them entirely, but then the aluminium windows that are found in Melbourne are alright, certainly adequate for my purposes. Most people don’t think to shore up the defences with sturdy, versatile aluminium. They look at timber windows, or just plain old wood or even plastic. That’s because windows are just viewing holes, and they’re obviously not aware of the dangers of the outside world. Of course I like natural sunlight, to a degree, but I’m aware that windows can let all sorts of things in. Harmful UV rays, or perhaps some sort of skilful sneak thief, skilled in the skilful art of skilful window removal. I made sure when I talked to the window repair and replacement people that I was getting a quality product that would allow me to spy on the outside world, but not let it into my sanctum. Do you know how long I looked around Melbourne for quality window replacement┬ácompanies I could trust?

Eighteen years. I had to board up my windows for that entire time, but I’m not the most trusting of people, so these things always take time.


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