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A Long Overdue Holiday

So I just checked my diary that I meticulously keep every day, and I realised I haven’t had a holiday in two months. That has to be some kind of record…the BAD kind of record. I barely even remember the last place I went, and perhaps it would’ve vanished into the mists of time altogether if I hadn’t written about it meticulously, in my diary. Ahh, I had such a wonderful time up in Cairns, all by myself, not having to share anything with anyone. The best kind of holiday, as well as the only one I know.

But now it’s time to plan another one, because working three days a week is taxing on the mind. I NEED somewhere to really take my mind off things, and last minute as well. Feels like I should plan for somewhere a little bit closer this time…byt the beach, though. I wonder if the accommodation in Lorne has changed in the five months since I’ve been there? I hope not. Got myself a nice little beach chalet last time, all by myself. Well, I did find a hermit crab inside the cooker-still not sure how that got there- but otherwise, it was such a nice place. Good location, but also well away from all the other chalets. Truly, I was able to forget all about work and how stressful my four-hour shifts can be.

I honestly think they feel longer than the full, six-hour shifts. Maybe because you think they’re going to feel shorter, you watch the clock too much and they end up being much longer, in your mind. Maybe that’s why I never do the six-hour shifts anymore. Imagine how long THEY would feel.

Alright, I’m sure I can bag myself a last minute deal somewhere in Lorne. Beach apartments should be plentiful at this time of year, what with the wind and rain and such. Doesn’t bother me…I’ll spend my time in quiet contemplation, writing meticulously in my diary.


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