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I Know Light Pretty Well

The worst thing about having to wear sunglasses all the time is that everyone thinks I’m trying to be cool. I used to have a bit of a spiel prepared about how my eyes are actually weak to light, and they’re not sunglasses, they’re medical lenses that actually just filter light from one side…and then eventually, I just gave up. They look different from regular sunglasses, and if you’re an idiot who just wants to assume without taking a closer look, that’s not my problem.

Doesn’t help that I do home styling for a living. So people hear that and they just assume that I’m one of those ultra-diva types who just wants to be eccentric. It’s kind of ironic that I have to deal with commercial lighting solutions around Melbourne. I went to the warehouse of an LED light stockist the other day wearing my sunglasses. Exactly what they must have thought of me walking through the door into their lighting showcase wearing dark shades is an amusing thought. Like I had this image of lighting warehouses being these blazingly-bright places where you need to protect your eyes. Turns out it’s the ultra violet light you have to worry about that comes from the sun, not from designer lighting. I’m starting to think that I might have to find some really good tinted lenses, because those at least look like glasses. I know I technically HAVE to wear these chunky glasses, but sometimes it gets a bit much.

At least it gives me a good base of knowledge when it comes to lighting, because I have to know when I can take them off. Like, if it’s just stylish mood lighting, I’m usually fine. I know the exact designer lighting in Melbourne that’s soft on the eyes. So if any of my clients ever ask for that…I can give them the entire scoop.


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