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Designing an Office, Professionally

Can a home office get renovations? I know I work from home, which everyone thinks is a total doss, but I take what i do very seriously and I want visitors to know that.

Yes, I have visitors. Clients, actually, because I take this very seriously and when you run a business, clients are part of the package. My home office is fine as it is- I try to maintain a professional environment, so it’s not just a random person wandering into my home to awkwardly talk business- but it could always be MORE professional. I want people to walk in and think of it as a miniature version of some swanky office building you’d find in the CBD. Glass surfaces, a mahogany desk and a bathroom that always smells like lavender. Why is it always lavender? It truly is the universal scent for professionalism.

I need to hunt around Melbourne, innovative office design professionals are what I’m after. I’m sure they work on a ‘no job too small’ basis, and it’s not like I’m any less of a professional than some law firm. I just have fewer employees. Maybe if things get a bit more involved I’ll hire a secretary, which would REALLY push the professionalism through the roof. I’ll see…it’d be quite a jump from working by myself.

How would the place be designed and renovated, anyway? It shouldn’t take long, but I’d like to chuck out the desk and filing cabinet, maybe go for a fresh start. Nothing quite says professionalism like a brand new filing cabinet without so much as a nick or scrape, same for the desk. Maybe I can get the curtains replaced with blinds, since curtains aren’t really appropriate for a business environment. They scream ‘home’ when they should be screaming ‘THIS PERSON IS A PROFESSIONAL.’ At least, that’s what I want the blinds to scream, at least.

What else? Doesn’t matter, I’ll leave it up to a professional Melbourne company that does office interior design. I’m confident that they will make me look more professional.


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