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New Year Celebrations Out of Hand

And that’s Albajerian New Year over for another 365 days. Thank goodness for that, because it’s one of the few things that brings the entire family together, and mine is bigger than most. Fortunately we have a rota of sorts…I’m one of the three in the family with a place large enough to at least attempt to fit people in, so I only get everyone in every three years. Seeing the place after the family have gone, you’d understand why we need the buffer time.

I’ve never even lived in Albajeria. I’ve heard celebrations over there can get absolutely wild, people spilling into the streets and causing joyful chaos…whereas all I have to deal with is Uncle Serann getting a bit excited during one of stories and flinging a cat ornament through a window. Fortunately I hated it- one of those wedding presents you’re always trying to get rid of- but it does make me wonder if Melbourne’s aluminium window repair services get a boost at this time of year. I can control my family pretty well, and they know not to cause too much damage, but I hear stories. My Aunt Priyya was invited to Albajerian New Year at a friend’s house when she was little and they ended up burning the place down. And the place next to it. Also, the one on the other side of the road (somehow). Coming off that, one broken window in the whole time I’ve been hosting doesn’t sound too bad.

I went to have a look this morning and it looks like it’s still in-tact; totally cracked and it’ll need replacing, but at least the laundry wasn’t exposed to the elements last night. I’ve have to get someone in who knows window repair. Melbourne tradespeople are at least more reliable than the ones in Albajeria. I mean, they know their stuff, but there’s a lot of leeway on time over there. And then, of course, the nepotism.


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