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Glass pool fences leading Melbourne households

glass pool fences MelbourneMetal pool gates are a thing of the past, with homeowners increasingly opting to install glass pool fencing in Melbourne.

This is the latest finding to emerge from a government-administered survey on the renovation and decoration habits of homeowners across the city.

Less than twenty percent of houses with private swimming pools built after 2000 had metal pool fences. The majority of houses built after the year 2000 opted for a modern take on the pool fence, such as clear or frosted glass fencing.

Older houses with pools tended to have wrought iron pool fences, or no pool fence at all. However, of houses built before 2000 that had new pool fences installed, two in five had glass pool fencing.

Almost all homeowners who planned on replacing their pool fence within the next five years reported that they would consider installing a glass pool fence.

Homeowner Brian Park says that a frameless glass pool fence completely changed the look of his backyard.

“I thought it was a gamble to get a glass pool fence because I did not know if it would go with an older style house,” he said.

“I’m happy with how it looks, it is very sleek.”

Safety and style were the two main reasons homeowners chose glass pool fencing.

Glass pool fences are widely regarded as the safest type of pool fence, as small children cannot breach the fence by climbing or squeezing through bars.

Homeowner Alicia Burrey, who participated in the survey, agreed that this is the main reason why she chose to install a glass fence around her pool.

“I used to have a cute little fence that I built myself, but my son was able to climb it,” she said.

“I was sad about dismantling my handiwork, but now I have peace of mind knowing there is no way he can climb smooth glass.”

This survey is the first to be conducted on pool fencing in Melbourne.

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