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My Master Holiday Beach Plan

Lorne hotelWhy is it so hard to find accommodation when the summer comes?

I mean, I understand why, but I’m working under a very specific strategy here, and it’s not working out for me. I thought that once the summer came around, everyone would be like I usually am. That is, they’d all decide not to go on holiday that year, because everyone else is going on holiday that year, so what’s the point in going on holiday that year when you’re just going to be caught up in the flurry of people going on holiday, that year?

I try this every time, and it HAS to work out at some point. Not now, however. So, I’m resigned to another busy holiday, forging my way through throngs of families and merry elderly people taking walks on the beach. Thank heavens the beach accommodation in Lorne is so plentiful and generally very good, otherwise I might decide to actually stay home…like everyone else should.

I might be working on flawed psychology, but I feel like at one point I HAVE to strike gold. There’s going to be a year, some shining year, when I try to book a hotel in Lorne and the prices will have dropped dramatically because everyone has just happened to not go to the beach that year. Maybe they all decided that a trip to Alice Springs would be nicer, or something. Not that the price is a huge part of things, because the true wonderfulness starts when I get to Lorne. The streets will be empty, the cafes quiet, the beaches devoid of most anyone. I’ll take a stroll, enjoy the tranquillity and not be interrupted by any screaming children or arguing couples on their honeymoon and immediately regretting their nuptials.

Not this year, however. Just going to find myself a nice Lorne hotel and put up with the hustle and bustle. But NEXT year…


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