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The future of pain management is dry needling

dry needling courses AustraliaWhen I first moved to Australia from New Zealand I was a lost soul. I had a few hundred dollars in my bank account, a suitcase of clothes and an address to go to in Melbourne. I had arranged to stay with a distant cousin of my Dad’s until I figured out where to live. For about two weeks I didn’t do much.

I worked on my own projects which were mainly medical development orientated and tried to apply for various physical therapy jobs around Melbourne but I didn’t get anywhere. My personal projects had taken a back seat because I didn’t really have the right skills developed to be of help to people who needed pain relief.

About a month after I arrived I saw an online advertisement for dry needling courses based in Melbourne. I looked into it further and found out that it taught a lot of the skills that I was missing. I needed to enroll in this course in order to fulfil my goals of helping those in need.

I attended an open day in the next week and the study options offered meant I could get a job and work on the side to fund my studies. The distant cousin turned out to be distant in more than one way meaning I could continue to live there hassle-free.

I think he liked knowing someone was there as he spent three out of every four weeks abroad. My life finally came together. I had some direction and momentum and I even made some friends. The dry needling course was fairly social and we had a couple of projects that forced me to interact with others. I might even get in touch with a few of them in the future about employment opportunities. Once I finished the dry needling course and was able to stand on my own two feet I thanked my distant cousin for his generosity and set out on my own.

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