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Windows Broken, Everyone Panic

window replacement MelbourneI’m not one to panic, but sometimes…you just have to. The time to panic is now. It’s panic time.

It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if we hadn’t had so many storms recently, what with all those stories about windows being blown in and glass going all over the pavlova. Not that I’m worried about that, because we simply don’t do pavlova in this house. Still, I’m paranoid. Our windows are old, from at least the seventies, they could come crashing in any moment.

You’d think there would be some kind of massive drive for window replacement. Melbourne would be all up in arms about how many windows are being ruined and there would be advertisement all over the place. Like…got a storm brewing? Come get some windows replaced! Best decision you’ll ever make, especially since the alternative is standing there and feeling cold as the water pours in through the broken window frame!

Do you think that might work as a business strategy? It’s all about pre-empting the market these days, keeping up with the changing trends and also keeping the water out of your house as it floods in and ruins the linoleum and floods the bottom of the fridge and sweeps away all the good china just like in my nightmare. So yeah, someone really needs to get on this. We need really big billboards, bigger than the usual billboard size, telling people that window replacement services are there and available for the use of the general public if they find themselves in need. Because there are storms coming…at some point. It’s been a very humid summer and windows everywhere are in danger. People needs to know and be reassured that Melbourne replacement windows are available, and they need to keep their homes secure in case a branch comes through, or someone kicks and ball in the wrong place, or…really big birds. Sometimes they just don’t look where they’re going.


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