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The Boat Must Go, for LOVE

custom plate alloy boatYou know, I did think it was weird. I go through all of Patrick’s texts, and I’d never seen him get any messages from someone called ‘Juniper’. I also go through all of his emails, because a relationship built on trust is one that thrives and I have to make sure I can trust him, obviously. You get it, right? He gets a few emails from women at work, but they’ve been mostly benign (still have to follow up on Casey from HR calling him ‘Pat’. I smell a rat).

Then I hear him talking to his mates about ‘Juniper’. Most of the time when I listen in through the bug I placed on his phone, he just talks about guy stuff. It took me a solid thirty minutes of listening to him and his friends chatting at the pub to realise that he was talking about…a boat. Seriously. A plate alloy boat, as he kept specifying. I don’t know what’s so special about plate alloy boats, but I do know this: he spent fifty-two minutes talking to his friends about boats. Talking about me, his beloved girlfriend? Six. SIX MINUTES.

I should be the main topic of his conversations when we’re away. How can I trust a guy who’d do something like this, prioritizing a boat over me in conversation?? I feel like Juniper is my main competition. Patrick is basically cheating on me, with Juniper. What an absolute cow. I knew that Juniper was bad news from the moment I first heard about her, and this just confirms it. To think I poured in all this effort, making sure Patrick had nothing to do with other women, and now it’s a boat that’s bringing everything crashing down. Why didn’t I keep an eye out for suspicious boats?

She and all plate aluminium boats are now the enemy of our relationship…and now, I have to fix it. For the sake of our trusting relationship!


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