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Making those carpet stains go away

tile and grout cleaning companyMy girlfriend is the best, truly a wonderful person, the only downside is she can obsess over the smallest things on occasion. We were packing up the house, getting ready to move and start a new adventure somewhere else. The lease was about to end and we had been asked to leave as the owner was going to sell. It was taking a long time to get all of our things packed up. It meant having to hire someone to take care of the professional tile and grout cleaning, Melbourne has been rainy lately and we’re tracked mud inside. We really need help to sort out the mess, more like a sinkhole that is our home.We are both very proud and even though we live mess, we make a good effort to ensure that no one else knows about it. We decided to do a little cleaning before the cleaners arrived. I think we both didn’t want them to judge us on the level of mess in our home. I mean it’s their job to simply to work based on the level of cleanliness. It was a strange thing to do, but like I said, we are a proud couple, and that’s exactly what we did.

This was when we found the giant floor stain. I flipped out, I jumped on the bed and raved like I was being attacked by invisible bees in my mind. This amused my girlfriend to no end, who decided to laugh at my reaction. Before the carpet cleaners arrived we tried all sorts of stain removal solutions to try and clear it up some. It didn’t work so great, and we made sure to leave it to soak in for some time.  We were both nervous leading up to the hour that the carpet cleaners were set to arrive and help with the stain removal. Melbourne has been our home for so many years it’s going to be difficult to move to the outer suburbs. They’re probably going to think that we are both crazy.

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