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The Gaming Monster Unleashed

folding platform stepsOh, yep, THAT’S what the company needed! Ladder platforms. Whoop, great idea. Gold star to the idiot who came up with that.

Alright, I’m a little bit salty at the moment. I know that these renovations are all fine, we need them and heaven knows that the entrance needed a tune-up. That revolving door was like a recurring 1970s nightmare. I can walk though some fibreglass ladders, it’s fine, whatever…

Ugh, I’m so salty though. Usually all the anger fades after I stop gaming, and I got back to being my regular self after my transformation into flaming rage beast. This time? My loss streak has infected my soul, and everywhere I go I see the ‘DEFEAT’ screen flashing in my face. Makes me want to track down my trashy, useless moron team by their usernames and wring their necks. See how bad it’s gotten? Just having to walk underneath some folding platform steps has put me back in rage mode. I calmed down from that, but then Julie came around to my desk and said that I hadn’t done my filing right. I HATE filing! It was bad enough the first time, and now she wants me to waste time going through it all to find one mistake! I HAVE REPORTS DUE!!

I was THIS close to exploding right there at my desk. Just the act of holding all that in manifested in a  death stare that sent her scurrying back to her own desk. I could just see the faces of my useless, random internet teams in Julie. She failed me just like they failed me. Just like those platforms outside failed me by making it very slightly inconvenient to use my regular entrance. Everyone fails you, even when you play your absolute hardest, because life is full of trolls.

Yep, I’ve definitely turned into a rage monster. Should probably go find the guy atop the aluminium platform and apologise for trying to shake him off; that was wrong. And then, maybe I’ll uninstall this game before it gives me an actual heart attack.


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