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Frankston, Termites and Casseroles

pest controlFirst new house experience, and I guess most things have been fine. I’ve already brought a casserole to the neighbours, who seem decent and were very grateful. Their recycling bin is always full of pizza boxes, so maybe  a hearty meal is what they needed in their diet. The overflowing beer bottles from the neighbours on the right made me worry a bit, but they don’t seem to be party animals. Two weeks in and we’ve had very quiet weekends, with nothing more than a bit of loud music.

There’s only been the bathroom incident, but even then, I guess people are more efficient about that stuff here in Frankston. Pest control people were here in what seemed like minutes. Not that I didn’t have a GO at removing all those cockroaches, but it was really a job for a set of comprehensive tools, you know? I’m not a huge DIY buff. I am but one man with an English Literature degree, so I’m pretty happy with my attempt.

And people said that Frankston was rough! The cockroach thing was rough, but otherwise, everyone seems very decent. There’s a bit of a seaside town vibe, and that permeates a lot of things. Everyone’s relaxed, sort of, and even when the pest control people came to get rid of my cockroaches, they seemed very chilled about it. Probably because it’s their job and they do it several times a day, but still…the level of chill was exceedingly high.

That’s just my life now. My life in Frankston, where termite inspections are given with a smile and casseroles are gratefully accepted. No termite troubles as of yet, and no return casserole, but I continue to live in hope that I’ll at least be invited over for pizza.

Meanwhile, I live in the opposite hope that I’ll never actually need the termite control services, because…I’m not equipped to deal with them either.


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