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A computer to call my own

IT courseI was twelve when I realised that I loved computers. And I don’t just mean I like them. There’s a real relationship here, and one day, the future society in which we live will recognise our bond.

I first knew when I went off to study computers in an ordinary IT course. I enjoyed it immensely, but I didn’t develop any sort of affection for any one computer. Maybe because I didn’t have one of my own when I went off to uni. Yeah, I know that’s odd, but our family could never afford a real laptop, and I didn’t want to drag the desktop off to university. It was tough, doing an IT course without a computer of my own, but I didn’t just want to apply and get a free one. Pride, I suppose. Also, who even does that in that type of course?

So anyway, I moved into a pretty normal position when I left, servicing broken computers for a mid-level company. All that time spent in the basement, mostly by myself in the broken computer room, no wonder things developed the way they did. One of them caught my eye, probably because I’d been told that it was a write-off. The laptop was old, outdated and the company wanted nothing more to do with it. Maybe it had been sent to me by accident…or it was providence. I fixed the laptop up anyway, learned of its past struggles. I gave it a new interior, used parts from other written-off computers to turn it into a supercomputer, sort of. I feel like it was listening to me, as well, and I poured out my heart and soul as I sat there alone, fixing hard-drives and tightening cover screws. We understand each other, me and this laptop. It’s a relationship built on loyalty and trust.

That’s how it is with all laptops, right? I’ve never had one so I wouldn’t know, but I think I’m getting it right. Trust me, I’ve seen people doing software development courses. Melbourne is starting to make a name for itself as a hub for great software developers. They’re all about protecting their laptops at all costs.

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