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Unexpected Foot Condition

Hello again!

My appointment with the podiatrist was yesterday, and here’s an update, just as I promised. The appointment went well. I’d give my overall experience at the podiatrist an eight out of ten.

In terms of time, I was in and out in the time it took for me to have my lunch break. This meant that I didn’t have to spend any time working outside of work hours, which is always a massive win. I also didn’t have to wait too long once I had arrived, and the foot specialist himself didn’t spend time talking unnecessarily. I was very pleased.

In terms of the help and advice given to me by the podiatrist, I was very satisfied. I rate the foot specialist’s bedside manner as a ten out of ten. He examined my foot in a non-invasive or awkward way, which was important to me because I don’t particularly like feet or people touching my feet. That’s why I only rated the experience an eight out of ten. It’s hard to vote something a ten when you’re disturbed by the very nature of their job.

Going back to the quality of the podiatrist, I was also very impressed with how well he diagnosed my condition. I was wrong last week when I suspected that I had athlete’s foot. I’m not really sure why I jumped straight to that conclusion… probably because that’s the only foot condition I’ve ever heard of. As it turns out, there are hundreds of foot conditions. Cheltenham has really hard footpaths which apparently cause damage to the majority of runner’s feet. I actually didn’t know this, but it makes sense seeing as I only ever run on footpaths. 

The podiatrist who I visited gave me a number of exercises to do to help mend my feet. I will be following these exercises to the best of my ability so that I can get out and start running again. 

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