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Homes for Elves

Most people who live in Forgotten Springs believe that the town is centred around elven culture, with most homes designed specifically for the elven lifestyle. Taeral Barris, however, has decided that she wants to move out of the secret little town. We meet for a chat, to discuss why.

“You know, it just bothers me how everyone has this preconceived notion of what elves want in their homes. They think we all like treehouses, big gardens and tons of potted plants, but that just isn’t me. I’ve never been a big fan of nature. Personally, I’m massively into video games, so I’m looking to buy a place with a huge theatre for my gaming. I’ve even got a buyer’s agent. Sandringham is my suburb of choice, and the agent said they were sure they could find my dream home there.”

What do most elven homes look like, though? Are they elegant houses where you feel connected to the realm of fey creatures, or something else?

“Pretty much. Almost entirely natural materials, like wood. You’d never see an elven home made out of brick. They tend to have a lot of natural light as well, and the thinnest curtains you’ll ever see. I hate natural light, so when I was searching for the best buyer’s advocates around Melbourne, one of the first questions I asked was whether they knew which direction the sun rose from. I’ll need thick, dark curtains to maximise my gaming experience.”

What other priorities does Taeral have for her dream home? Obviously, she’s not your standard elf, so I’m not expecting to hear about fairy lights and pot plants.

“More than anything, I need a good internet connection. If a buyer’s advocate can find me a house with 1000 Mbps, I’m sold. I’ve been getting into streaming my video games lately, and I’m hoping to turn it into a career. Hence, I’m going to need the strongest internet connection possible.”

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