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Riley’s Final Fight

Welcome to this episode of Family Fight, a game show that you’ll find entertaining for all the wrong reasons. I’m your host, Grand Dinner (yes, that is my real name). Today’s contestants are the reigning champions, the Rileys, and their competitors, the Hudsons. This is our live summary of the episode, but you can always watch it properly on Channel 47, on a free to air television near you.

Alright, let’s get started with our first question! We asked seven hundred people what type of decorations they would want in their office. What do you think the most common answer was? Just shout them out! Glass frosting, you say, Jimmy Hudson? It’s funny you should answer that, because that was the most common answer, getting you five hundred points! Your family takes the early lead. Now let’s get an answer from the Rileys.

Dan Riley has answered for his family, suggesting people might like a water cooler as decoration in an office. That seems like it would be a great answer, but unfortunately only one person we interviewed gave such an answer, so you get one point!

Time for round two. But first, let’s learn a little bit more about our contestants. Alice Hudson, what do you do for work? Oh really, you work as a professional window tinter? That’s really interesting because our next question is about that very topic. What city in Australia do you think has the most thriving office tinting market?

Office tinting within Melbourne is quite popular, says Alice. Are you sure, Alice? Wow, that’s absolutely correct. You get full points for this round, as that was the only thing people answered for this question! It looks like this is going to be a short episode, as the Hudsons have already gotten out to a one thousand two hundred point lead, which is insurmountable considering the next round is worth one-third of the points. Well, we might as well wrap it up there, everybody! The Hudsons win! That’s the end of the Riley family’s two-hundred episode winning streak. What a shame!

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