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Karting Round Two

Welcome back to our online coverage of the Parking Lot Cup, where we shall determine whether our planet is getting saved or turned into an intergalactic parking lot through a series of racers. I’m Tybalt Way, and with me is my co-host, Harry McGillon, typing in italics.

Let’s get straight into this, shall we? Our favourites for today’s race are Liz Lime, Emmett O’Brick and Magnus Opus. And they’re off, with Emmett getting a good starting boost as the lights go green. He’s quickly overtaken by Magnus, who fires a seashell power-up with perfect precision. Over to you, Tybalt. 

Thanks, Harrison. As you suggested, Emmett has taken the lead with his fast driving, but the master of all brakes repair, Magnus Opus, is quickly catching up. He’s a talented mechanic from Western Australia, capable of fixing your car and driving it, too. But what about Liz Lime?

I prefer just Harry, thanks, Tybalt. Well, as we all know, Liz only won the previous two-racer elimination through an exploit in the racing rules, which has been amended. This will be a real test for her, to see if she can keep up with the competition legitimately. Now, remember, she’s got extensive experience with plumbing, but not cars, so that may prove to be a disadvantage.

Indeed, it may. Especially since one of the finest car service mechanics Midlands has ever seen has taken a massive lead already. Nothing short of a super time twister power-up will cut this lead. He truly does know his way around a car! 

At the back of the track, the other cars are catching up, including Liz Lime. She’s about to hit a power-up box. Let’s see what she gets… A super time twister! Incredible! That item only has a one-in-five… thousand chance of spawning. She activates it, opening a portal in space-time, teleporting to the front of the other racers, including master mechanic Magnus Opus.

This spells danger for the rest of the competition, Frank, as Liz Lime crosses the finish line first, closely followed by our professional mechanic, Magnus. Emmett O’Brick and the other anonymous racers are instantly zapped out of this reality!

Thanks for joining us today, folks. Until next time, this is Racing Rally News!

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