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Glass Smashing Remorse

I’ll be honest, this situation is not ideal. Locked in the back of a sedan with nothing but those bumbling detectives and my phone to keep me company? All the while I’m missing out on the next challenge of Australia’s Next Top Office. They’ll think I bailed on the whole competition, but that’s far from the case.

To make matters worse, Schlock Homes won’t shut up about how he’s finally caught me. He’s just rubbing it in!

“We certainly had some good times,” he said while turning at an intersection. “Right, Glass Smashing Bandit? Remember when you disguised yourself as a Brighton mobile mechanic? You were at the top of your game back then. Following us to our holiday destination just to play with me like a mouse. The tables have turned now, haven’t they, my good man?”

I gave a loud grunt. All I wanted was to get out of the car and go for a walk. Think things through. This couldn’t really be the end, could it? I mean, yeah, I smashed millions of dollars worth of glass across several months, but that was a different me. Despite what Schlock thinks, I wasn’t at the top of my game then. I was actually trying to go straight. I got a job at a Brighton tyre and auto service and tried to stop my glass-smashing urges. But when I got sent out to do car repairs for the detective duo John Whatson and Schlock Homes, I couldn’t help myself! I relapsed, destroying the window of their car.

Originally I smashed glass for the news distributor, Channel 17. They paid me a lot of money to create fear across Melbourne, and for a long while I was happy to do it. I was good at it. But eventually, I started smashing glass for fun, and I quit the news gig. At some point, though, I had an epiphany and decided that I needed to change for the better. That’s why I worked for the mechanic.

Next Top Office was supposed to be my chance to get my life in order. I guess that won’t be happening now.

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