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Movie Star Questions

Hey there, I’m Zach Jordan, famous movie star. You might remember from such movies as I Promise: I Will Never Die, 911 Times 2356 and You Can’t Blame Yourself for What Gorillas Did. Today I’ll be answering questions from my loyal fans about my upcoming movie Damn, I Missed Him.

Sarah asks: Hey Zach, what was your favourite part of filming the movie? I know you can’t give specific details about scenes or lines, but can you tell us your favourite location to film?

That’s a great question. My favourite set was probably at the mechanic workshop near Ringwood. The owner was really nice and there was an awesome bakery just a few streets away where we always went for lunch. The workshop had some of the best scenes of the movie, so look out for it when the film hits streaming services!

Simon says: I’m writing a screenplay about a man who needs to sell his car but I can’t think of an inciting incident that gets the story moving. Do you have any ideas? It’s set in Melbourne, by the way.

Funnily enough, that sounds similar to the screenplay I’m writing. I’ve actually had the same issue, but let’s see if we can come up with a solution here. Maybe Darren, the protagonist (although I assume yours is named differently) could travel to get a roadworthy certificate around Croydon and be denied one. Then he has to fix his car and get it roadworthy before he can sell it, but the antagonist is constantly trying to sabotage him.

Tristan asks: How many cars did you use to film Damn, I Missed Him, and how did you come up with the title?

We used about seventeen different cars to film the movie. We chose the title because it’s about the character’s uncanny ability to avoid bullets. He’s also being chased by his ex, so the title has a few meanings. She constantly arrives at locations just after he’s left, can’t hit him with bullets and wants him back, so she misses him. And there you have it!

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