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The Perfect Boots

No one in this realm makes boots, not the kind I like. The kind I like are soft brown leather, with a velvet interior, good solid buckles and the power of wingless flight. Those are still quite rare back in my home realm, I know, but it’s not quite so bad if you know a few people. The Ogre of Black Keep knows a wonderful cobbler who sells crocodile leather on the underground market, and the secret spell of sky-binding isn’t so hard if you’re willing to give up a finger or part of your ear. 

At the very least, this realm has ways to make shoes more comfortable. In my local county of Cheltenham, foot specialists do seem to know what they’re doing, I will admit. I had my doubts, until finally these horrible work shoes began to cause me pain the likes of which you cannot imagine. Normally I would use a simple transference spell to take the pain and foist it upon some unimportant peasant, but I did that one too many times with my co-workers and they were starting to get suspicious of the sudden foot pains that turned out to be nothing. I went to the podiatrist, very reluctantly, and it turned out that I was wearing the wrong ‘shoe size.’

Well, how was I supposed to know that shoes had sizes? All my boots back in my home realm were crafted for me by the royal boot maker, custom-made to my personal specifications. I never even considered that shoes could be different sizes; in fact, I assumed that him measuring my feet beforehand was just a weird thing he did for fun.

I went back to work the next day with the right sizes, but also, semi custom orthotics. I needed them to correct the damage, and the strange gait I’d developed. It was rather nice, not being in abject pain, and not having to transfer the pain to my co-workers. I even like some of them, so it was getting awkward.

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