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Glass Castle

Growing up a princess is a pretty uncommon experience. For most people, princesses are the thing of a fairy tale. For me, it’s a reality. 

I was born into the royal family of a small country. My father was crowned thirty years ago and has ruled over our country with grace and humility ever since. He’s a fantastic king and our country has experienced significant growth since the beginning of his reign. I am next in line for the crown, and will become queen when my father retires. I expect that will be within the next ten years, and in this time it is my responsibility to get the best education I can to help lead my country into the next era. 

I am moving from my country to Melbourne, Australia, in six months time. I will be going to college there and returning home at the end of my degree. It is a tradition in my family to study overseas, as the generations before us have placed a high level of importance on becoming well travelled and understanding of other cultures before we take the throne.

We have been designing the place I’m moving into for the past year. The staircase is going to be a grand glass structure, similar to the one leading up to my bedroom at home. The glass stair balustrade will be a focal point in my new home, and I am proud to have designed it myself. My bedroom will overlook the ocean, which is a natural wonder my country doesn’t have. The window will be almost the size of my wall, and for this job to be done correctly I will need a top quality glazier. Melbourne is a beautiful city, and the idea of this window is that I will get to wake up to its beauty each morning. 

I really believe in appreciating other cultures and countries, and I am looking forward to immersing myself in Australian culture for the next four years. I am excited to move into my beautiful new home, because that means my adventure has begun. 


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