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That Office Just Needed Motivation…

professional conference speakerDan is the worst. Not that I expected anything better from him, because even before he was handed the position of boss (without doing anything to merit that) he was a bit of a layabout. He’s a fun guy, and really good at heart, but SO bad at his job. And I’ve never even seen him at his job; I just inherently know, because he’s Dan and he couldn’t unscrew a jar of peanut butter without moaning for a few minutes and asking someone else to do it for him. Some people are just like that: no initiative, unless you give them a shove hard enough to send them through a wall.

Here, I feel like I made the right call. This situation called for nothing less than a professional conference speaker to visit their office and…do their thing to talk some sense into everyone. And I’m serious, that place was dead. I’ve picked Dan up from the place a couple of times, and I guess everyone is friendly enough, but no one seems to be DOING anything. It’s a listless place. Pretty sure Dan’s PA was reading a romantic novel about hormonal horses, and she wasn’t even being subtle about it. She had a page up on her computer that I’m pretty sure was fan-fiction, right there in plain sight.

Compared to where I work, the place was practically a cemetery, and here’s Dan complaining over coffee about how no one ever gets motivated. Yeah, I could smell the break room from the door last time I visited, so I guess the cleaner has the same ethic as everyone else. So I put my foot down, found a motivational speaker right there and then and now I’m just hoping it does some good. Usually I wouldn’t, but this was dire, and hopefully there’s a Melbourne keynote speaker somewhere who can do some good. Seriously, they need it; things can’t exactly get worse.


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