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Staging the home is the way to go

property stylistsBob and I have been looking at houses for over two months now. Everytime we get close, something goes wrong. Last time we lost at auction. The time before, the sellers pulled out and decided they were going to stay. So now, our perfect house has come along and I am not going to do anything to lose it. I am pretty sure we have the seen the same furniture in houses before when we went to see it with the estate agent so I inquired as to where the furniture sourced from. Turns out they used an interior decorating company based in Melbourne. Apparently it’s very popular when houses go to auction for a property staging company to be used to accentuate the home’s features. Makes sense.
I could have sworn that the grayscale oversized armchair was following me around. Anyway, aside from the repeating furniture this house was much better suited to us. It has a big garden that wraps all the way around the front, it has two big bedrooms with the option of a third and the best bit of all, it has an open rooftop that can house a massive vegetable patch and still have room for some deck chairs! After we went to view it, we knew straight away we wanted it so we mounted a full on attack to make it ours. It was an open house style event so we immediately got shmoozing anyone we thought we have any decision over whether the house was ours or not. Jim spent a good hour talking to the property staging stylist from the property staging company thinking she was the current owner. I also inadvertently convinced another potential buyer that I am the perfect tenant, she quickly caught on and told me we were both in the same boat.

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