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Moving to Melbourne: Beauty school queen

Last week we had one of our big family meals. My parents try to arrange one every month or so just so we all stay in the loop with each others lives and don’t end up as strangers. Normally they follow a very mundane routine; chit chat, my dad and brother argue, my mum has one too many and then I sneak out right after the main course. However at this most recent one my sister made a shock announcement. She has been looking at beauty courses in Melbourne and plans to move within the year to start pursuing her dream of owning her own beauty salon. To most families this probably wouldn’t be a massive announcement but no one from our family has moved away, ever. She wants to get her diploma of beauty therapy qualification and then specialise in laser hair removal and open a cutting edge salon. From as long as I can remember she has been obsessed with all things beauty. From doing everyone’s nails, to pretending to be a beauty therapist when her friends came over, she was obsessed. Studying towards a beauty qualification will probably be really good for her, she needs to get some independence and find her own path but my parents don’t want her to leave. They said there were plenty of beauty courses close by but sadly they just don’t compare to the level of education the beauty courses in Melbourne offer. After a lot of screaming I finally decided to stand up for her and defend her against my parents. I told them she needs to move out and find her own life and Melbourne is a great place to do that. There are lots of beauty courses available there and I even offered to pay her rent for the first few months until she gets settled.

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