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Fitness game app craze

software developmentThis new app…it confuses me. It’s free, and all the news places are going nuts about it so I thought I’d give it a go. Although Game-Date-Fit-Brainbust! is a bit of a mouthful, to be honest. Anyway, I downloaded it, and was about the fifty-millionth person to do so worldwide. It’s just so…busy. SO busy, and you take one look at the title screen and want to uninstall the app, but something stops you. All that colour really does have some kind of effect, because you see all these buttons and want to explore the app. Apparently it was created by a couple who were alumni from some app development course here in Melbourne, of all places.

Was there nothing in the course that taught them about the benefits of an uncluttered design? Maybe there was, and they just thought they’d strike out on their own…you know how some of these folks can be. All ‘my way is best’. I can’t see much finesse in the app so far, but the journey is fairly compelling. I made my little avatar, who happens to be a professor with a little pipe and old-timey spectacles. Anyway, I can navigate him around the gaming world, taking him to all kinds of attractions. While there, I can interact with anyone else in the same place and play games. Now, these games…they’re everything. Everything.

One of them made me do 100 push-ups to solve a wall puzzle, so me and my partner could get through. One girl I was playing with was an expert in hieroglyphs, which was helpful when we had to solve an ancient Egyptian riddle. All the while, I got to know my game partner, and the frantic structure really forced us together. It was…really quite a nice experience.

Huh. Maybe I shouldn’t doubt an app and software development course before seeing the benefits. This app is great! Still, the title screen remains ugly.

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