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Reality TV Makes Home Dreams Come True

buyers advocatesI am the winner! That’s what I love about reality television. Everyone gets a fair shake of the sauce bottle to show everyone else what they’re worth, no matter what their station in life. I was living in a two-bedroom shack in Footscray, and now I’ve been in touch with some of Melbourne’s best buyers advocates so that I can hunt around the the home of my dreams. One day of filming turned my entire life around, and I’m still coming to grips with it!

Of course, things started terribly. There was quiz round, everyone else seemed to know so much more than me and I thought that was it. I had no time to study because the kids needed to be put to bed before I went out to my night shift, and then the lack of sleep wasn’t helping matters. I was so nervous I couldn’t even have slept anyway. But then some idiot messed up his final question about interest rates, and I was through to the second round! Now, decor is in my blood. It comes to me naturally, even though I’ve never had much to work with in the past. I make my shack look nice, you can definitely count on that!

So there was another idiot who recommended the wrong curtains and she was out of the competition pretty much instantly. Lilac, seriously! What a complete dunce. I scored full points, and then we were through to the final round. Basically we had to take the place of a buyers advocate and find a million-dollar property for a family. Despite how out of my depth I was, I gave it a go…and managed to snag a beachfront property ahead of the competition that the judges thought was simply the best find they’d ever seen.

And now look at me. Chumming it up with a quality Melbourne property advocate, finding my own beachfront property. So happy!


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