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Drain’s Deception

Nate and O’Sullivan, having escaped Victor Drainage’s clutches in the sewers, began researching the ancient relic they found.

Later, O’Sullivan caught wind of a black-tie gala being hosted by none other than Victor Drainage, the sinister leader of the mysterious faction they encountered. The event was said to showcase ancient plumbing artefacts.

Using his contacts as a drain cleaning expert, O’Sullivan managed to get invitations for them to the gala.

“You’re lucky I got into drain cleaning for Melbourne homes, huh? Otherwise, we never would have gotten into this party,” O’Sullivan whispered to Nate as they entered the opulent hall.

They slipped through the crowd, which was abuzz with Melbourne’s elite, historians, and drainage experts.

“I’ve never seen so many drain unblocking experts based in Melbourne gathered in one place,” Nate muttered to O’Sullivan.

They overheard Victor Drainage talking about the historical Melbourne City Baths and how they were built over an ancient wellspring. A lightbulb went off in Nate’s head – this was where the next piece of the puzzle was hidden.

The duo snuck out and headed straight to the Melbourne City Baths. They gained entry and navigated through its grand architecture and swimming pools.

As they neared the oldest part of the baths, they encountered a series of intricate puzzles that required them to manipulate the flow of water through ancient pipes. Their knowledge of drains was pushed to its limits.

Finally, they reached a sacred chamber where water flowed in an ethereal pattern. In the centre, an ancient orb hovered over a wellspring. When Nate reached out to the orb, a vision overwhelmed him. He saw an ancient civilisation flourishing, and how they had the power to control water. But then, he saw a disaster, as the waters rose and submerged entire cities.

Nate’s eyes widened in horror as he realised that the treasure’s full power could flood Melbourne if it fell into the wrong hands. This was not just a treasure; it was an ancient force that needed to be protected.

Determined, Nate and O’Sullivan left the City Baths, knowing that they had to find the treasure before Victor Drainage and prevent a catastrophe. The stakes had never been higher.

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