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The Colourful Garden

In a cozy little cottage with a white picket fence, lived a woman named Mary who had a passion for gardening. Every morning, Mary could be found in her front garden, tending to her beloved plants and flowers with care and dedication. Her front yard was like a canvas, and she was the artist creating a masterpiece with every carefully chosen plant.

One day, as Mary was browsing through her favourite nursery’s website, she stumbled upon a special hybrid tea rose for sale that caught her eye. She had always admired their classic beauty and vibrant colours, and she knew they would be the perfect addition to her front garden. Without a moment’s hesitation, she ordered a few of these stunning roses and eagerly awaited their arrival. When the roses finally arrived, Mary wasted no time in planting them in her front garden. She carefully prepared the soil, making sure it was rich and well-drained, and placed the roses in a spot that would receive ample sunlight. She lovingly tended to them, watering them regularly and nurturing them with her green thumb.

Mary’s front garden transformed into a stunning display of colours, with the hybrid tea roses taking centre stage. Their large, velvety petals in shades of red, pink, and yellow created a captivating sight that drew admiration from passersby. Mary took great pride in her front garden, and she would often spend hours sitting on her porch, admiring the beauty she had created. One day, as Mary was taking a stroll, she noticed a new nursery had opened up. She walked in and was delighted to find a selection of miniature roses for sale. She had always been fascinated by these delicate and charming roses, and she couldn’t resist the temptation to add them to her front garden. Mary carefully selected a few miniature roses in various colours, from soft pinks to pure whites, and brought them home. She found the perfect spot for them in her front garden, nestled among the other flowers.

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