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In the Future, Bathroom Comes to You

Once again, we ran way overtime at the Futurist Club. We just become embroiled in such fascinating conversations that none of us think to check the time!

I was to blame for tonight, since we started off talking about the bathroom renovations currently available in Melbourne, and things seemed like they were on track. It didn’t SEEM like a topic that would generate massive discussion, because bathrooms are bathrooms. We’ve discussed various methods of cleaning oneself, and how technology will revolutionise them, but that’s old ground. The one major rule of the club is that we NEVER tread over old ground. But then someone mentioned how bathroom renovations and designs are generally aimed at not only improving the look of a place, but also making things more convenient. Fast-forward a few minutes and we were in the thick of a discussion regarding automated homes that made things as convenient for you as humanly possible, to the point where all the hassle of the daily routine is done for you.

Truly, the bathroom design of the future will be a paragon of automation! It’s possible that, given what we discussed, walking into the bathroom is going to be a thing of the past. Instead, all homes will be on gigantic turntables that will instead transport you to whatever room your require. The bathroom will scan your presence and present you with whatever you need, and you don’t even need to wipe the sleep from your eyes. Or possible, rooms can be spliced in two, so that you can be in your bedroom but summon parts of the bathroom. Need to brush your teeth in bed, or programme your home to give you a shave while you’re asleep? You just need to ask.

Golly, I shouldn’t get started, because I’ll never stop! Nowadays, we just have to be content with living in trendy Melbourne, bathroom designers who know what they’re doing are notoriously hard to find. Is it too much to ask, for an automated home that also looks amazing?


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