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Glass, Interested in Glass

It is I, Georgina Glass, and phew…I just can’t stop, can I? Fortunately a lot of my commitments were one-offs and are thus over now, but I’m still not sure why I’m taking a glass-blowing course. Seemed like a good idea at the time! Still seems exciting, but I’m wondering where I’m going to fit it in between dinner with the family, my keynote speech and my paper on dolphin conservation methods. Oh, it’s only a weekend. I’ll make it work somehow.

But glass is such a fascinating subject! I think I’ve been interested ever since my I was at my grandmother’s house and I saw that their bathroom windows had been frosted. Frosted glass is just a cool effect to begin with, but then one day I went into their bedroom while playing hide and seek (which I wasn’t really supposed to do) and they had the most gorgeous patterned windows. Apparently there was a company in Melbourne that did decorative windows, one of the best in the world. Grandma and Grandpa went to Melbourne for their long-service leave back in the day, really loved what they did with decorating windows and vowed that one day, if they saved enough for their dream home, they’d get them custom ordered. And they did; a beautiful place on the edge of the mountains. So they had the glass shipped all the way out from Australia! Not sure if that specific business is still around, but Melbourne still has services doing decorative window film, and I looked them up, and I got interested again, one thing led to another…and somehow I ended up at glass blowing. What I REALLY want to learn is stained glass. That stuff is absolutely stunning, when done right.

But for now, it’s just shaping glass into cool shapes. Maybe frosting window glass…I haven’t looked at the syllabus. Haven’t had time! But still, this will be another obscure little skill to add to my collection.


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