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So It’s All About the Moon Now

Am I the only one out of my group of friends with a lick of common sense? We went to uni because we wanted to learn stuff, become proper human beings, have big discussions, all that stuff. Look, I know that’s pretty lofty. A lot of people just go to uni because they want a degree, to get a good job, make some money and retire at forty. It’s the dream. But me and my friends actually wanted to get involved in discussion, learn some stuff about science…I don’t know what I expected.

And now they’re part of a cult. That’s…great. I have no idea how to get them out of it. Worst thing is that I have to live with it, so they’re constantly on at me about joining up so we can all get in our mech suits and make a new society on the moon.

I thought we were learning about Adelaide companies that fix air conditioning because cooling science is fascinating and whatever, but no. They all want to build their own cooling units for their moon mech suits. I’ve just stopped asking at this point, and I’ve definitely stopped hoping this is all some massive joke and they’re just pranking me. They’re not even showing up to lectures any more because they all have to stay working on the climate control for their new moon kingdom.

I guess I should just be happy that they’re letting me stay as their friend while they look up air conditioning and how it works. But I can’t help but feel they’re all going to turn on me at some stage and say that, since I’m not interested in building a mech suits for them to live in their new moon kingdom, I’m a traitor to the cause.

The cause I am not a part of. The cause which is now undoubtedly bugging the Adelaide air conditioning repair people who’ve done nothing to deserve all this questioning. So yeah, fun times with the pals.

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