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Plumbing the Depths, Ha-Hey!

I guess you could say I really…’plumbed’ the depths of our home, ha ha! Okay but really, I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing their own plumbing…ever. It’s not worth it, at least not without several years of plumber’s training. You’ll just do something stupid, like getting your arm stuck in a pipe while trying to clear a blockage and in the process you’ll think a thousand times that you really should’ve just dumped some chemicals down there, called the professionals, bought a two-dollar plunger…oh, so many options.

I’m actually impressed with how fast I’m typing, considering I’m only able to use one arm. I’ve called in contractors, a group of Melbourne based drain repair experts. They’re on the way, but in the meantime I’m getting a unique glimpse into the life of a person with only one arm. It’s like what they say about people who are blind. Your other sense feel enhanced, which is you learning to use them more efficiently. That’s exactly what I’m doing here…learning to use my senses to the fullest, except I’m operating with one arm. Also I can’t go anywhere, because my other arm is jammed down the kitchen sink. At least I can rest my head on the dishrack and my phone was in reach, so now I’m browsing memes while I wait for someone to come and rescue me. Like, the fire department.

Wow, I really hope they don’t talk about this kind of thing with each other. I’m going to feel like such an idiot. I wonder if the plumber or the firemen will get here first? Fire people are one of the three emergency services, but I specifically looked up EMERGENCY plumbers. What a fun race it’ll be. I’ll just be here, arm stuck in the sink, looking at my memes and reconsidering my life choices. Nothing wrong with the old bit of DIY, but…eh. Some jobs need expertise. I can’t see myself ever doing sewer unblocking, or anything to do with putting out fires.


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