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Bolt, My Stupid Inspiration

I used to be WELL into my anime. Like, back when I was a teenager I was obsessed with pretty much all the big and popular ones, which in hindsight look pretty terrible. I guess they were done week-by-week, and I know now that the conditions for those authors and animators are insane, so there’s no wonder everyone was pulling major plot twists out of nowhere and everyone won their battles by believing in the power of friendship, or…just believing in themselves. They never went into what would happen if the bad guys also had friends and believed in themselves. Hmm.

Anyway, the most popular at the time was Boruto, which is the Japanese way of saying ‘Bolt’. So it was like…about a blue collar worker who moonlit as a ninja who travelled all around the world. Really hard to explain. By day he was dealing with under tray drawers and gas bottle holders and people who wanted him to set up scaffolding, and then when night fell there were all these intense ninja battles. It’s weird, but I actually liked the daytime bits better. Maybe the author was just really good at portraying a tradesperson’s daily life, or maybe it was because they were terrible at ninja battles, but the main character’s daily life was just so charming, and all the supporting characters were properly nuanced. For example, he had this magic cat friend who could transform into a mighty lion, but also became an aluminium toolbox during the day so he could go wherever the main character went to work. The aluminium toolbox could also talk. Like…of course it could.

It all seems so dumb, thinking back, but that was what inspired me to become a tradie. It’s not something I’ve regretted, either. I don’t travel around the world and get involved in ninja battles, but I do like my job. Got my own aluminium toolbox as well. It’s not a cat, though…I had to get one of those separately.

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