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Sitting is the Ultimate Good

South East conveyancingWalking for too long can’t be good for a person. I used to hate the office grind, but over the years I’ve come to realise the many benefits of sitting down for very long periods, being able to drink coffee whenever I like and generally not moving all that much. That’s why i hated being an estate agent. Sure, there was the nice, comfortable office bit, but sometimes I’d have to go places. Places are the worst. Sometimes it would be raining, and sometimes I’d get lost on the way and I’d have to walk up and down a street until I found the place. Even then, I’d have to spend all that time on my feet, showing people round.

I’ve bounced around the various industries since then. Used to think I could make it doing conveyancing in Melbourne, south east specifically. That’s how it is in the property game: people have their ‘sectors’. Cross into a rival sector and things escalate very quickly, so I decided to establish myself in the south east. Thing was, even in conveyancing with all its lovely files and tasks that require you to do a lot of sitting, I still had to go places sometimes. Our office was fledgling, now part of some big conglomeration, and often we were called upon to go to places for meetings. Most of the other conveyancers seemed to be pretty okay with the whole ‘going places’ thing, but it brought back terrible memories of the estate agent gig, so I had to move on.

I’m pretty happy with my stable, secure, stagnant office job at present. Some days I don’t even have to get up out of my chair once. But then, that’s the beauty of conveyancing…people move around you. It’s the whole game.


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