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My Property Future, Apparently

vendor statementsApps will do practically anything for you nowadays, up to and including deciding your future career and being your virtual butler. I for one wouldn’t remember a single thing if I didn’t set reminders in my phone for all my appointments. And now I’m using  a new app I was recommended to see if I should stop renting and buy a home…essentially, trusting my financial future to a free app I saw advertised before a Me-Straw video. Yep, that’s our world now! Strange times indeed.

It all looks pretty professional, though. Apparently it was developed in partnership with a number of housing professionals right here in Melbourne. Property conveyancers, landlords, all that sort of thing…and I think you can tell. It’s been getting some rave reviews, anyway. The whole premise is that you put all your personal details into a massive database, and it comes up with a recommendation of how to save for a home. Then it directs you to the right information sources and businesses to help you out, which I guess was part of the whole deal behind the scenes. Everybody wins.

I was a bit hesitant about giving away my info, particularly since it’s a very extensive survey you have to complete. Seriously, it took about fifteen minutes, and I had to dig through a few old drawers until I finally got all the info it needed. Still, in the end I think it was worth it! I got a detailed rundown of my financial situation, Melbourne’s property situation and a few property conveyancers and lawyers who’d be able to help me further. Plus they had links to all the terms you don’t understand- vendors statements, sale of land acts, that sort of thing- so it’s not confusing. It’s not the be all and end all, either…I still actually have to go and talk to the professionals.


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