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Do They Have Conveyancing in Novosibirsk??

Cheltenham conveyancingI just start speaking in a Russian accent. Don’t ask me where it comes from…maybe I have ancestry.

Suppose it really freaks people out when I switch back to Australian, so there’s that. Oh, and when people ask me to say thing in Russian and I only know like three words. ‘Privet! Novosibirsk! Nasdrovia!’ And one of those is a place name, so maybe it doesn’t count. Or rather it counts as much as knowing ‘Siberia’, or ‘Moscow’.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, it was relevant, because I met a Russian guy the other day. Not many of those in Cheltenham! Conveyancing solicitors have been on the brain for me recently, because we’re an advertising subsidiary and a few such companies wanted representation and advertisement. My job is complicated, I guess, but we found a company that does advertising and stuff, so I was just finalising everything with them. You know, making sure they actually know what conveyancing is and what it involves. That’s basically it, I guess.

One of them was Russian, but his English was perfect since he’d been here forever or whatever. I thought I’d try out a bit of Russian, so I used ‘privet’ and he seemed pretty happy. That’s ‘hello’, by the way. And this is where I picked up ‘Novosibirsk’, because that’s where he’s from, but it totally sounds like it could be a legitimate, complicated Russian word. So they learned all about conveyancing and soliciting, while I was taught a bit of Russian. One word of Russian, that also happens to be a place name. Alright, those on the conveyancing solicitor knowledge side probably came of better, but you can’t win them all. Guess I’ll just go look up how to say something about conveyancing and land sale acts or whatever…in Russian. You know, to lend some credibility to the accent.


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