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Out of my depth

drain replacement MelbourneSOS send help, I am officially way out of my depth here. I mean, I’m not gonna lie here, I’m probably out of my depth most of the time, but I can usually bluff my way through it. Not now, though. Not with this.

I know that sounds a little dramatic, so for any of you reading this with baited breath, I’m just going to put you out of your misery and let you know that I’m fine. All is well in Wendy’s world. I’ve just run up against what is, in the scheme of things, a relatively minor problem that I have no idea how to fix. I think I have blocked drains. Melbourne experienced some pretty intense rain over the weekend, it was even hailing here where I live, and I think something went a little funny in my drain system because something is seriously wrong here. I tried having a shower and managed to flood my apartment before I realised what was going on. It was disgusting.

I’m just really not equipped to deal with this. I mean, it’s not that I literally don’t have the tools to handle it, even though I don’t, it’s more that I just mentally can’t handle the stress of it all. Like, what am I even supposed to do? Am I going to need a sewer replacement? Melbourne is an expensive place to live, I barely make it living from week to week, I can’t afford something like that! Last month, when I chipped my tooth, I had to save up for three weeks and go without dinner for four nights just to make enough money to go to the dentist. So either I start paying to shower at the pool or I find a better solution to all of this. I know there has to be a way to do this, I just have to think.

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