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A successful trip the plant nursery

calla lilliesIt’s time for a change. I just don’t think I can look out the window of my study for one more day and see the same thing. I’m sick of it, it’s starting to drive me completely nuts. When I should be working, instead I’m mentally working out what I want to do to the garden, the changes I want to make, how I’m going to reconfigure it, what will go where … it’s endlessly distracting. I need to remove the ability to fantasise about it by enacting the changes I see in my mind’s eye. It’s the only way.

Currently, I have several, large, beautiful calla lillies outside in the garden just outside the study. Don’t get me wrong, they’re gorgeous. I had no regrets when we put them in ten years ago, and I have no regrets now – they have been fabulous – but if I have to keep looking at them day in day out for another ten years I’m going to go mad. No, it’s time to get something different put in there.

I must confess, when thinking about the change, I went to the nursery up the road. They’re always been absolutely wonderful in there, and so when I asked for their help, the young man I spoke to was more than willing to oblige. I described the area, the sunlight, etcetera, and he suggested planting a pineapple lily or two. I must say, I personally hadn’t thought of tulips as an option, I didn’t even realise you could grow them in Australia, but once he recommended them I became quite transfixed. Now it’s all I can picture out there. In fact, I almost bought the tulips I was looking at right then and there, but I figured I best speak to my wife before doing anything rash like that.

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